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Note: In this jump-around-world, if you haven't reached the part about a particular famous bio feel free to "jump ahead" and read that bio so you can chime in. Who says we have to read the book in order. :-)

March 12th

Traveling Wilburys - page 68, 69.

Can you imagine getting together with a few of your friends to record a "B" side for one of your musical releases? They came up with "Handle with Care". Not a bad little ditty. And who were Dylan's friends you ask? The likes of Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison. They all collaborated "in their element' to create what Rolling Stone called one of the 100 Best Albums of all Time. Could Dylan have done it on his own, maybe, but with the help of a few friends it was better.

Isn't that what we are trying to do in teaching? In our PLN, it is better as a group, right? I'm convinced of that now... Especially after #expbound.

Mick Fleetwood - Chapter 2 Page 27

I can relate to the "Cold Sweat" that Mr. Fleetwood had [p27 p2] I remember my 4th grade teacher [with her pointy cornered glasses] asking me to stand up and recite my 4 times tables. I hadn't learned them yet. Hence began my bad feelings with all things Maths related... In the book Mick's family came to his rescue and my family saw the same in me. I was OK for not knowing my times tables... although I did eventually learn them.

Aaron Sorkin - Page 87

I like it when Sir Ken during his interviews writes lines like: "I never set out to be a writer" Page 87 paragraph 2 - - I think stories iike this where someone starts out to be something and then goes on to be something else are very encouraging. I mean, just think of all the great shows/movies Mr. Sorkin has authored: The West Wing, A Few Good Men.